By now you’ve probably read the latest articles touting the many health benefits of female orgasm.

According to recent science- orgasms boost the immune system, enhance productivity, increase social skills, and are a veritable “fountain of youth and beauty” for men and women world-wide.

But, did you know that Female Ejaculatory Orgasm is quite possibly essential to the healthy functioning of a woman’s lymphatic system, and could possibly prevent various forms of cancer from manifesting?

Sound far fetched?

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with sexual health and wellness expert, Dr. Paul (aka Dr. Wellness) Tinari on my weekly Radio Show, Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward.

He has been researching the female lymphatic system for the past several years, due to the loss of his life partner to breast cancer.

In our interview he shared a plethora of health and wellness tips regarding breast health for women, AND (now get this) how he believes that Female Ejaculatory Orgasms are essential to the healthy functioning of a woman’s lymphatic system.

So how does this relate to cancer prevention?

The lymphatic system is our secondary circulatory system, and is responsible for carrying built up toxins out of the tissues, etc. When the lymphatic system gets stagnant, sluggish, or backed up, these toxins accumulate in the cells and tissue, possibly causing some types of cancer.

But I’m going to be totally real, and let you know that Dr.Paul explains it a heck of a lot better than I can.

Dr.Paul does a brilliant job of explaining how Female Ejaculation is quite possibly nature’s built in mechanism for excreting excess minerals from our body, and enabling the female lymphatic system to operate at it’s optimum potential.

Listen to our interview to find out more about how Female Ejaculation is a fundamental key to feminine health and wellness!

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